RERC TechSage: SmartBathroom

The needs and abilities of people who are aging with progressive chronic conditions, such as MS, Parkinson's, ALS and Arthritis fluctuate from day to day. Yet, even when they have supportive AT, such as grab bars, to compensate for functional limitations, those features are fixed, only able to support some abilities, some of the time. The purpose of this project is to develop a SmartBathroom environment capable of assessing an individual's abilities at any point in time and spontaneously adjusting supportive environmental features to accommodate those abilities.

Project Name: RERC TechSage: SmartBathroom

Faculty Lead(s): Jon A. Sanford; Brian Jones; Peter Presti; Su Jin Lee, Harshal Mahajan, Rusty Taylor

Student Name(s): Avi Basu, Yangyi Xu, Victor Perez; Graduate: Nandita Gupta, Avinandan Basu; Undergraduate: Mitchell Philipp, Victor Perez

Main Contact: Brian D. Jones

Lab Name: Aware Home Research Initiative

Lab URL: