BEAMS Level Generator

BEAMS is a virtual reality rhythm game that encourages its players to engage with their bodies in novel and playful ways, expanding player perception of possible movements by disrupting proprioceptive patterns and offering an enjoyable, immersive experience modeled after previous successes in the field of VR rhythm games. The combination of virtual reality displays and full-body motion capture allows for the expansion of previously successful rhythm mechanics into yet more immersive spaces. Additionally, the work will offer a tool by which to explore the role of pattern disruption and unpracticed, unconventional movement of the body as a means of increasing somatic awareness among players. This project will comprise the development and testing of such a project - a virtual reality rhythm game with mechanics based upon arcade laser mazes that asks players to dodge beams of light using a motion capture suit as input.

Project Name
Faculty Lead(s)
Jason Freeman, Duri Long
Student Name(s)
Erin Truesdell
Main Contact
Brian Magerko
Lab Name
Expressive Machinery Lab (formerly ADAM Lab)
Video Title
BEAMS Level Generator
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